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(1) 請依新生註冊須知規定事項辦理註冊,於入學註冊時,應檢附已於國外投保自入境當日起至少六個月效期之醫療及傷害保險。前項國外之保險證明,應經駐外館處驗證。

At the time of registration, admitted students should follow the registration regulations for first year students. They should present proof of insurance, which includes both medical and personal accident coverage for a period of at least six months from the date of their arrival in Taiwan. The overseas proof of insurance should also be authenticated by the Taiwan Overseas Mission.


(2) 保留入學資格 Retaining Admission 錄取生因病、懷孕、生產、哺育幼兒(三歲以下子女)或其他特別事故,不能於該學期開學時入學者,得檢具相關證明文件向學校申請保留入學資格,展緩入學,惟以1年為限,如有特殊情形者,得再申請延長1年。申請保留入學資格之新生,應於規定開學日前,繳交入學證明文件,向教務處提出書面申請,不須繳納任何費用。

Admitted students who, for reasons such as illness, pregnancy, childbirth, taking care of children under 3 years old, or other exceptional circumstances, are not able to register at the beginning of the semester, can apply to retain their eligibility for admission. The admission extension is one year. Only under special circumstances can the extension period be renewed for an additional year if applied for. New students applying to retain their admission at the Office of Academic Affairs should submit the acceptance letter as well as the written application before the course starting date specified on the calendar of AU; no fee is required.


(3) 休學、修業年限、畢業條件及應修學分數、學分抵免等學籍相關規定,請洽本校教務處註冊組,網址:https://registration.au.edu.tw/index.php?Lang=zh-tw

For matters relating to leaves of absence, duration of the term of study, graduation requirements, required credits and credit waivers, please check with the Division of Registration, Office of Academic Affairs or visit the website: https://registration.au.edu.tw/index.php?Lang=zh-tw.


(4) 外國學生所繳入學證明文件有偽造、假借、塗改等情事,應撤銷錄取資格;已註冊入學者,撤銷其學籍,且不發給任何相關學業證明;如畢業後始發現者,由本校撤銷其畢業資格並註銷其學位證書。

An international student submitting forged, fabricated, or altered papers for the purpose of AU application shall be subject to enrollment qualification cancellation; or a revocation of enrollment and denial to the request of any certificate pertaining to study, if the said student is already enrolled; or revocation of graduation qualifications and cancellation of the diploma by AU, if the said student has been already graduated.

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