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放榜Release of Application Results

錄取名單將於2019年12月30日公告於本校國際事務中心(https://cia.au.edu.tw/) ,申請結果通知單將於2019年12月30日寄發至申請者所填列之郵寄地址。

The list of new students admitted to AU will be posted on the AU CIA homepage (https://cia.au.edu.tw/) on Dec 30, 2019. On Dec 30, 2019, Acceptance/ Non-acceptance letters will be sent to the mailing address provided by applicants.



Please provide an accurate mailing address for sending the Acceptance/ Non-acceptance letter. Applicants must assume full responsibility of the consequences if the Acceptance/Non-acceptance letter is undeliverable due to an incorrect mailing address.

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