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審查標準 Review and Evaluation


The admission process is individually processed by each of the academic department. Applicants are required to choose one program to apply for.

2.申請採書面審查,審查項目及項目總計(100%) 比重如下:

The application evaluation is based on the review of application materials with the percentage shown as follows:

(1)學業成績 Official Transcript 30%
學業成績單總平均排名正本 Official transcripts with class ranking 

(2)中文或英文自傳 Autobiography in Chinese or English 20%

(3)中文或英文讀書計畫 Plan of Study in Chinese or English 20%

(4)中文能力證明 Proof of Chinese Language Proficiency 10%

(5)一封推薦信 A Letter of Recommendation 10%

(6)其他有利審查資料 Additional Documents10%
Materials in the applicant’s favor: Academic publications, proofs for scholarships, research proposal, etc. 


When applicants’ scores are the same, the transcripts will be considered first for the admission criteria.

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